Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week 7 - Quick Update

Not a major update, but wanted to keep everyone in the loop.

Heisman has seen continuing progress on the Cipro for the staph.  We have no bruising, no swelling, and, best of all, NO LIMP!

On Friday, Heisman goes for her 8 week appointment, where she will be sedated and re-x-rayed for the first time since surgery.  I have always known that this is a milestone for her, but not exactly sure what it will entail for the days following the business.  It is very clear that life cannot return to "normal," but I hope that Heisman can start regaining some of the freedom of life before surgery (that is, before we take it away again for the second surgery).

She is beginning to become "used to" this lifestyle, very lazy all day and very accustomed to sleeping at all times.  I am very anxious to get her out of this house some, even on short walks - just so that she has SOMETHING to look forward to.

She is limping some on the other leg, and alternates which leg she will "tuck under" her when she sits.  That's another question that we will have to ask on Friday - how long until surgery number 2?  While I want to give her right leg long enough to heal, I am anxious to have both surgeries behind us so that we can fully resume a "normal" life.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers - look for an update when I get home from work on Friday, and keep praying for good news!


  1. Good for Heisman! Sorry that she is limping on the other leg, though. Ivy had 8 months between surgeries, so we were (and still are) involved in rehab for over a year. Ivy grew accustomed to that lazy lifestyle also, but is now easing out of it. Good luck on Friday.
    Pam & Ivy, CGC (7 y/o 63 lb Lab-TPLO left 2.11.08. TPLO right 10.9.08)

  2. Woohoo Heisman! Good luck we are keeping our fingers and paws crossed. Things will work out, remember Day 1? It is truly amazing how time progresses, as you know Parker is past week 16 and doing amazing!

  3. My girl had the surgery the same day as yours did, we had some scares early on (swelling) but she's doing great now.. i've been able to start her on short walks, but she's still crated the rest of the time because her and my other lab can't be still.. she'll go for her second surgery in May and we get to start this all over again. I find myself jealous of those who only needed 1 surgery =)

    Good luck on Friday!