Friday, April 3, 2009

Week 8 - Check Up and WALK!!!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...just check out the picture to the left!

What a wonderful day we have had!! Heisman had her 8 week appointment this morning with Dr. Greenwood - my fellow TPLO moms can attest to what a milestone this is! Dr. Greenwood x-rayed Heisman's leg, and determined that her bone is healing - and may even be ahead of schedule! While this may seem like the best news of the day, I am sure that Heisman would disagree. Due to Dr. Greenwood's clearance today, Heisman is now able to go on 10 minute walks every day - increasing the distance by 5 minutes every week! She has not been able to go on a walk since October!! The picture to the left is of Heisman right before we left for the walk. SHE WAS SO EXCITED!!! I am just thrilled to finally have a happy dog on our hands. Below is a quick video of her walk:

Hooray! Tomorrow, she is going to the canine water therapy center Wag n Swim so that she can have VERY SUPERVISED swimming with Eva - highly recommended by our great friends over at CityDog Market. It is dangerous to "free swim" a TPLO dog, but Eva has a lot of experience with Ortho-Dogs, and swimming is one of Heisman's favorite things to do. The swim center at Wag n Swim has a salt water pool that is heated to 96 degrees, which will also be wonderful for Heisman's skin. I will be sure to take a lot of pictures and video and post back tomorrow. I am SO EXCITED!

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  1. This just makes Granny's heart skip a beat! I am so proud of Heisman's Mommy and Daddy for taking such good care of her.