Saturday, April 4, 2009

Swim Therapy with Eva

Heisman just got home from swim therapy with Eva. She had a BLAST. The water was a very warm 96 degrees and salty, which will help her skin! For a dog who has not had any activity since at least October, Heisman didn't want to stop. Eva said that she will be VERY sore for the next few days and recommended that we bring her back within 72 hours to continue to build the muscle mass. Heisman wants to thank her Great Aunt Myra for contributing to her therapy fund - she is SO lucky to have such a supportive family!

There's not much to report beyond the fun that she had, and she really did well with the swimming - got right in the pool without any coaxing! I have put together a video with some swimming clips and the best pictures from today. I am not looking forward to seeing Heisman sore, but I am so happy that she had a fun day of just being a dog!


  1. Wow, Gwen... she looks wonderful. Great video and awesome choice of music!!!
    Pam & Ivy, CGC(7 y/o 63 lb Lab-TPLO left2.11.08. TPLO right 10.9.08)

  2. Yay !!!! Great to see her doing so well!

    Nika + Parker

  3. Hey Heisman buddy, you've been tagges, stop by and check it out.


  4. Oh this therapy is so cute and fun...Thanks for sharing us your experience like the video too...^_^

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