Friday, May 15, 2009

Surgery 2, Day 2

Of course, Heisman is already making our second recovery day interesting. Check out the progression of this bruise...

Yesterday, see the small area that is a little bit darker than the rest of the redness:
This morning, the area is darker and larger:
And now, tonight, nastiness:
It is so hard to see this on my sweet girl!! I have posted pictures on the OrthoDogs group hoping that someone with a similar situation will see it and have some advice. I called the vet when it looked like pic #2 above. They said it was probably a bleeding bruise and were happy to hear that it was going away from her heart - likely a result of gravity. However, I don't like the fact that it is getting so progressively worse. Heisman is definitely taking after her Granny Massengale with her bruising!

Other than the gnarly picture above, recovery for Heisman is going well. She's a big eater, has been drinking a lot, slept 14 hours last night (this is typical for my lazy girl), and has been toe touching and even bearing some weight on the leg.

She has POOPED twice - once yesterday on our first trip outside after surgery and then once again today. I can't believe it - usually the wait for poop is a timid time for mommies. I know, TMI.

How about some more fun pictures?!? Here are a few of Heisman and her nurse Hamilton cuddling today on Heisman's new orthopedic dog bed... I am so thankful for my two girls.

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