Friday, May 15, 2009

We got tagged! The Honest Scrap Award

We got tagged by Heisman's buddy Parker who had a TPLO in November of 2008. Since his surgery was before Heisman's, we followed his journey a lot to see what was to come. Heisman has quite the crush on this pretty fella!

So, I am supposed to tell you 10 things about Heisman and then tag 3 of her friends to do the same. Heisman decided that she would take control of writing this article:

1) Well, since you are blog readers, you know that I am a genetic mutant. Sorry, a precious genetic mutant. I, obviously have the genetic predisposition for bad knees, but I also have horrible allergies and get some nasty skin infections - I actually have one right now! You will see my red polka dot tummy in some of my recovery pics!

2) I only missed 2 Georgia Tech home games last year. Mommy and Daddy take me to tailgate with Mommy's family and at Daddy's old fraternity house and then take me to daycare down the street right before the game starts. I love the Yellow Jackets, and am excited that both of my knees should be well in time for football this fall!

3) Mommy and Daddy got me exactly one year after they got my sister Hamilton - we were both birthday gifts to Daddy from our Grandaddy Massengale.

4) One of my very favorite snacks is tortilla chips! Yummy! Taqueria del Sol is my favorite.

5) Before my knee surgeries, my favorite way to walk was backwards. If I want to go back to where I came from, rather than turning around, I will walk backwards the whole way!

6) I have a newfound fear of the air vent in the hallway of our house. I just decided one day that I am terrified of that thing!

7) Frosty Paws are delicious treats, but I love tearing up the container even more than eating the ice cream. Mommy knows that I am not feeling well if she gives me a Frosty Paws and I don't tear up the container when I'm done.

8) Boxers are my favorite breed of dogs (other than labs of course). I have been drawn to them from day one!

9) When my knee surgery is healed, I want to volunteer for Reading Paws and hear stories from lots of children! Mommy says I will get a super snazzy vest, too!

10) My sister Hamilton is my best friend - but sometimes I have to growl at her anyway. She has to know who's boss!

And now...who to tag...

1) Koda - Koda had a TPLO on the same day as me in February and her second TPLO yesterday - the day after me!
2) Ivy - Ivy also had TPLOs, but she is all better now. She is such an inspiration - already going for hikes and playing on the beach!
3) Mesa - Mesa had a tightrope procedure (another way of fixing a torn CCL) just after Heisman's TPLO.

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