Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day Three - Second time around is no easier

Well, last time, Heisman had a really smooth first few days and then a hellacious (see staph infection entry) middle period of recovery. I can only hope that these first few days mean that we are going to "flip flop" that history.

Heisman is in a good bit of pain. She's whimpering and moaning, despite being willing to do some toe touching/weight bearing when she goes outside. When she is sitting still/laying down, she can't seem to get her leg into a comfortable position, so she just moans and whimpers. So sad.

Also, there is a good bit of swelling that we did not seem to encounter last time. There is even a gathering of fluid down by her ankle - all supposedly "normal," but nothing like last time.

I just want to be on the other side of this. Can't it be July soon? That "8 week" appointment can't get here soon enough.


  1. Hang in there - deep breathes, it will come soon!!!! Be strong Heisman : )

  2. It's gonna be better, Heisman! Hang in there, Gwen.

  3. Get better soon Heisman! We're rooting for you!!!

  4. Hmm.. heisman should be 6 weeks post op, right about now.. how are things progressing?

  5. Get well soon, Heisman! Milly and I are rooting for your speedy recovery! I am so glad I found your blog. I really like it!

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  6. I am so happy Heisman is able to go for walks again! If you haven't already looked into it, Cosequin DS can be a miracle supplement for dogs after joint surgeries. I had miracle like results with it after my Beagle developed severe arthritis (six years after being hit by a car and needing a hip replacement, plates in her back, knee surgery, and one other surgery I can't remember right now)... she went from not being able to walk more than a few feet to running and playing! I only wish I'd discovered it right after her surgery, rather than 6 years later. I now have Milly on it as a preventative, and for a 10 year old dog she is doing great joint wise.

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