Sunday, February 15, 2009

One and a half weeks since surgery!

Obiviously, I had to go back to work - though I delayed it until last Friday - but blog updates have been sparse.  Heisman is SO BORED - just look at the above picture!  She is feeling great, which is AWESOME, but she doesn't understand why I keep asking her to lay in her bed and be calm.  My saving grace is pictured at right - THE SARGE.  This is a 4-in-1 bone from Merrick Pet Care, which means that it has jerky, tendons, bone, and marrow.  It has been about the only thing that keeps Heisman occupied, but it does not go very well with the beige rug covering our wood floors!  I should be vacuuming, not blogging!  She also got an awesome Valentine's Day package from her "Granny" and "Big Daddy" Massengale that had new treats for her everlasting treat ball as well as a few other goodies.

I have two main concerns with Heisman's knee, despite all going smoothly.  The upper area of her incision, where the knee bends and above, does not appear to be healing very well.  The bottom area of her incision is fully closed up and looks like the staples could come out today.  However, the top part is still wide open between the staples and a little red in places.  She has been on antibiotics, and I have started a thorough cleansing routine with Chlor-Flush and Neosporin.  Hopefully, this will improve.  If it does, we will be STAPLE FREE come Thursday - exactly two weeks after surgery.  My husband has to leave on a business trip, so my dad is coming up to help me carry Heisman down the steps of our house and keep her still in the back of the SUV all the way to Clarkston.

I am excited to see the vet due to my other concern.  Before the surgery, I heard a constant clicking, or quiet popping, in Heisman's knee joint before the surgery that I assumed was her meniscus.  However, the surgeon said that her meniscus was fully entact and he made a releasing cut to prevent the meniscus from interfering with the bend of the knee.  Regardless, I still hear a popping every now and then.  I was thinking that it may be coming from the other knee, but I am almost positive that it is coming from her "surgery knee."  This makes me really nervous, so I am glad that the surgeon visit is in store for Thursday.

Due to the new "cleansing routine," Heisman is keeping her incision from my sight, so I only have one to show from the last few days.

Also, Heisman has a pretty precious new habit.  Rather than sleeping in her dog bed in the kitchen at night, she has started curling up with me on the TWIN SIZED air mattress.  Check out the picture that Harding took the other night after I laid down and he told Heisman to "go to bed."

Finally, here is a precious picture that I got of this spoiled puppy the other morning after she spent the night with her daddy in the living room.  She LOVES sleeping on pillows now!

Thanks again for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers!  We are hanging in there!

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  1. Parker does not sleep without a pillow : )
    We are glad things are going well, and i'm sure it will all be fine at the vet visit this week. Keep your head up and try keeping her busy!