Saturday, February 7, 2009

Recovery Day 2 - So far, So good!

Presents!!!  Heisman's Grandma and Grandpa Brannon and Aunt Mary dropped off get well presents for Heisman, doggie chicken soup for her dinner, and chicken tetrazzini (Mommy's favorite) for Heisman's parents for dinner!  How wonderful!!  As you can see from the picture at right, Heisman wasted no time "unwrapping."  I have never seen a dog so aware of presents - a wrapped box or a gift bag, doesn't matter - she knows how to take care of business!!  Inside she found a brand new Kong toy, Kong Stuff'n treats, and Greenies Pill Pockets to house the 17 pills per day that she is taking!  We are very excited and incredibly appreciative of the generosity.

Recovery is still going very well.  Heisman really feels great today, which is wonderful, but makes me very nervous.  She is not wanting to let her knee hold her back at all.  I will say, the phase we are in is nothing like I expected.  Except for the occasional burst of energy, it is nothing that I can't handle.  I am totally speaking too soon - I just know it.  She's using her ramp successfully outside and has not had a problem using the restroom.  She has even starting bearing some weight on her surgery leg, which pretty much gives this mother heart failure.  When she is standing now, she is putting just her toes on the ground, but outside she is bearing a little weight and continuing her regular routine of finding the perfect pinestraw to grace with her scent.  I did not expect any weight bearing at this point.  Again, probably a good sign, but I would like to put this leg in a plastic bubble and allow no harm to come to it ever again.  Don't worry - all of this movement is under close supervision and while she is in her harness/"backpack"/"pretty necklace."  I also had my first night of sleeping with Heisman in the kitchen on an air mattress.  Other than discovering a tornado of draftiness in the kitchen that about froze us, we did just fine.  Heisman woke up 5 or 6 times, but just to lick her stitches.  She slept from about 1AM until around 10:30.  I had 4 dreams that she woke up, broke out, and made a 3.5 foot leap to get in bed with her daddy.  Crazy woman.

We are going to have to invest in an E-Collar (cone/lampshade).
I ordered one today from Bonafido that is soft and floppy and doesn't restrict Heisman's vision like a true E-Collar.  It should be in Tuesday afternoon, in time for me to go back to work on Wednesday.  The vet did not expect that Heisman would have trouble licking at her staples, so he didn't send her home in one.  However, Heisman assures me that of her 21 staples, she is equally annoyed with each and every one of them.

Hamilton continues to be a supportive big sister.  She could not STAND the stinkiness of Heisman and was continually trying to bathe her - which was wearing on Heisman's nerves.  Just for Princess Ham, I gave Daddy a "Heisman shift" and ran up to City Dog Market this morning and picked up "Waterless Bath: For Clean, Fresh Smelling Pets."  She seems pleased with the results and is letting Heisman sleep - for now. 

A look at the incision and some bruising on Day 2.

Thanks for my presents Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Mary!

Finally, Heisman's good pal Ruby Holt had to head off to the emergency vet last night after a late snack on some dark chocolate.  All seems well now, but Heisman has been keeping her paws crossed for her!


  1. The inflatable e-collar is a great invention.

    Feel better soon little one!

  2. Hi.. i just found your blog.. oddly enough my yellow lab, Koda, just had this surgery on the exact same day as yours.. i'll be interested to follow you along as i go through the same thing with the exact same timeline.

    My girl is doing well so far.. she's a little disgruntled about being crated except for potty breaks, but it's what's best for her.. i have another lab and they play rough, so she can't be let out of that crate or they'll get too playful..

    I'm looking at that inflatable collar too.. i wonder if they can sleep in it.. the cone isn't great for being in the crate, so i've set up the ortho bed for her in the bathroom so she can have the collar on when i'm not home..

    Plus, she has to have the other leg done in 3 months.. so we'll be absorbed in this for some time to come.

    She was a rescue and came to me like this.. i hope she can have a great life when it's all said and done with.

    Anyway.. best of luck for a speedy recovery.. and an easy time of it for you, too!