Friday, February 6, 2009

Recovery Day 1

Well, here we are, almost 24 hours out of surgery.  Harding and I picked Heisman up this morning, and she is already doing so well!  She's not putting her surgery leg down at all, but that's certainly fine by us.  She already went outside to relieve herself once with success!  She, of course, decided that this was necessary 2 minutes after her dad left to meet a friend for lunch.  However, we did fine just the two of us!  So, you can see her post-surgery xray to the right - WOW.  She is officially a bionic puppy!  The post-op instructions that the vet gave us were not nearly as intense as some that I have read online - but we are certainly erring on the side of caution for the time being.

We had heard that it may be difficult to get her to eat and drink at first, but she had a Frosty Paws soon after getting home, beelined for the treats after coming in from outside, and, admittedly, shared some of Mommy's barbeque sandwich that Daddy brought home.  After that smorgasboard, she and Hamilton are tapped out in the dog bed.  Hamilton was very happy to see Heisman and has been a very supportive big sister - even giving Heisman a bath - we agreed with her that Heisman is pretty stinky!  I am posting some more pics below.  It is alarming that everything seems so normal right now - I know that we have some tough days ahead, but it does a heart good to have our baby home safe and sound.

A labeled look at Heisman's post-surgery X-rays.  You can see the cut in her bone here as well as the TPLO plate and screws.

A quick look at the incision - it is on the inside of the leg, so I have not done a lot of digging and poking to get a better look.

Another shot of the incision.

Post- surgery Frosty Paws with Daddy.

Hamilton showing her sisterly support.


  1. Such a sweet baby girl. Not worried at all about her with mom, dad, and big sis there to take care of her!

  2. I am so happy things are going well. Keep it up!