Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Recovery Day 6 - More Cone Drama

Well, everything is going really well still, except for all of this drama with the stupid cone.  Heisman is more tolerant of the "Comfy Cone," but she still does everything she can to get it off.  I feel awful about this, and I really don't want to go back to work tomorrow.  To get her to keep it on, I feel it's too tight, but if I loosen it at all, she can get it off.  I just feel so bad leaving her at home.  However, Mommy and Daddy both certainly have to work to fund all of this orthopedic surgery.  I also don't know the protocol for once the staples come out - does she get to come out of the collar immediately, or does she have to stay in it?  I am kicking myself for not ordering the BiteNot collar - but I have heard that in some cases, the dog can still get to the wound.

She licked at the incision site again last night.  After I cleaned it some with Chlor Flush, she would not let me see it again to take today's picture.  I will try to update the incision shots tomorrow.

I love this sweet puppy so much.  I wish I could work from home with her until she is fully healed.


  1. Awww I love that second photo - she's quite expressive. We have said that Parker needs a job now to fund the surgery : ) We are very fortunate as we both work from home, so Parker's recovery was quite easy. We are now up to 4 x 10min walks a day but the weather is bad - raining now so it's really wet outside...yuk! Parker didn't have to wear the collar at all but he had a cast on the first week and then I thought he would need a collar but he didn't bother at all with the stitches.

  2. That thing is much bigger than I thought! But Heisman still looks very ctue!