Monday, February 9, 2009

Recovery Days 3 and 4 - POOP!

Well, we are still having a delightfully uneventful recovery.  Heisman had her first post-surgery poop.  I officially feel motherly because I never dreamed of seeing the day where I would be excited about poop, but HOORAY!  (In case you are interested, post surgery poops #2 and #3 were equally celebrated).  She's doing great in her harness and walking really well.  Harding and I agreed last night that her limp is already better now that it was pre-surgery.

I called the surgeon this morning because we were told when we picked her up that she may not put the leg down until 2 weeks post-surgery and not to worry.  Well, we are having the exact opposite problem - she feels great - wanted to take off after a squirrel yesterday!  The vet assured me that this was perfectly normal and could have been expected with Heisman being so young.

I have hit the first point after this surgery where I feel unprepared.  I did not expect for Heisman to need to be entertained so much this soon after surgery.  I thought I would have a long period of "puny!"  I have some toys for her, but not nearly enough.  The City Dog Market is closed today, but I am headed there first thing tomorrow to get some deer antlers for her to chew on.  You read that correctly - deer antlers.  They are supposedly great for dogs to chew on and also have good "stuff" in them for joints.  We'll see what Miss Heisman thinks about those tomorrow.

We had read that the medications and post-anesthesia period could alter Heisman's mood and demeanor, but have not seen that.  The only change in her has been the clinginess.  She wants to be with either Harding or I AT ALL TIMES.  She has always followed us around, but this is a bit more extreme.  I can see the concern in her face when I leave the room, and it breaks my heart!  It will be very hard for me to go back to work on Wednesday and leave this precious face behind!

Here are some more pictures chronicling the last few days...

A look at the shaved area of Heisman's leg and hip.

Incision Day 3

Incision Day 4

Spooning Sisters

The "Canine Genius" stumped by her Kong...

A "hello" from Hamilton!


  1. Yay...happy to hear everything is going so well. I too was pleasantly surprised by how well Parker did - considering he had a huge cast on his surgery leg for the first week. Keep going....WE just came back from a 10 minute walk and will go again later, today should be the first day I double his walks - so 40 mins total broken up into 4 walks. We will see how it goes.

  2. This is the best blog ever! I love the pictures. You are a terrific Mommy!